Thursday, October 20, 2011

Martin Lane on "Land of the Waxhaws"

I thought I linked to this a week ago, but apparently I just created a blank placeholder to be filled in at a later date. And the later date is this evening apparently.

Martin Lane became the second Waxhaw politician currently running for office to appear on Jim Black's "Land of the Waxhaws" internet video broadcasts, which stream live on the internet if you're lucky enough to check his site at the right time.

I pointed out earlier the lack of most of the candidates on Jim Black's "Land of the Waxhaws" internet video broadcasts. Before Martin Lane, Mayor Gardner was the only candidate who had appeared with any regularity and given her current position and the fact that her local business, Creative Plus, has been a supporter of "Land of the Waxhaws," I suppose that's not a surprise.

I contacted Jim a week ago and he sent me a message essentially stating that ideally candidates would buy time on his show. I emailed him a follow-up as to what this might cost each candidate a week ago, but have not heard back from him. So perhaps he has decided to refrain from charging candidates.

More evidence suggesting as much is the fact that Jim invited Martin Lane to appear on the show. However, this begs the question: have the other candidates (for mayor or the board) been invited to be on the show? If so, how come they haven't appeared yet? Other candidates, inquiring minds would like to know.

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