Thursday, October 20, 2011

UPDATE: Waxhaw Ghost Walk / Lantern Tour

From the town's Facebook page:
WAXHAW GHOST WALK!! Saturday, October 29 at 9 pm! Hosted by CECELIA NEAL and assisted by UCAPS - UNION COUNTY AREA PARANORMAL SOCIETY.
Meet: Waxhaw United Methodist Church parking lot. This is FREE to the public although donations will be accepted for the MS Society.
Sounds interesting. I may have to try and drag the family out to this.

The Museum of the Waxhaws also is doing a Lantern Tour on October 28-29th. Per the description, it is a lantern tour of a Civil War battlefield put on by the NC 35th Regiment.

The Ghost Walk seems like the more kid-friendly event of the two. But according to the website of the NC 35th Regiment, it appears to be family-friendly as well.
Guided Tours will go thru the woods by candlelight stopping at several historic scenarios and watching for the Civil War soldiers battling throughout the woods. A must see event for the entire family.
Something about a spooky lantern tour of a Civil War battlefield (these were typically gruesome, no?) just screams not kid-friendly. Does anyone know for certain?

UPDATE 10/23: Don't miss Captain Jack's comment down below for an clarification on the Lantern Tours. The Cliff's Notes version: it will begin more kid-friendly and get "progressively realistic" as the night goes on when young children will be less likely to be present. Sounds neat.


rflaggcwr said...

I am Captain "Jack" Flagg of the reactivated 35th Regiment. I hear your concern and I empathize as I have small children myself and I have to rountinely screen movies before they can watch them. My own children have been spooked by neighborhood children in costumes. I apologize for the promotional materials creating an impression that we are not sensitize to this issue. I can only say promotional materials by their nature are brief. I assure those reading this blog that we intend to prepare a program that can be adjusted to each audience. The program at 1800 will be the most child friendly and we will be progressively realistic as the evening wears on as we expect less children to attend later in the evening. Should you have additional concerns please contact me directly as I do not routinely check this blog but was notified by one of prospective members.

klf said...

Thanks, Captain Jack, for coming here and clarifying! I updated my post in an effort to draw attention to it.

Sounds pretty interesting. I have to see if I can convince the family to attend.