Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Waxhaw homocide

I went camping this weekend with the Cub Scouts. When I got home, my wife informed me that murder was afoot in Waxhaw as I'm sure everyone has heard by now.

It occurred after a fight broke out over a poker game, so you must be thinking a lot of money was at stake. Uhh, no.

Elisabeth Arriero has the story for the Charlotte Observer:
The price for one Waxhaw man's life may have been as little as $2, some Waxhaw residents said Sunday.

According to investigators, Michael Leon Garlins, 38, of Waxhaw died early Saturday after an argument broke out following a Friday night card game in or near a home on Forest Green Drive.

"It was supposedly over a money debt for $2 or $3," said Richard Weaver, 47, who lives near the mobile home where the shooting occurred.

Investigators believe Garlins was struck by gunshots fired by at least three people during the altercation.
Read the whole thing.

According to an Enquirer-Journal article, two have now been arrested and charged with first-degree murder among other things. No word on if ballistics shows bullets from both men's guns actually struck Michael Garlins. A snippet:
The Union County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joshua Davarius McGill, 23, and Jonathan Alves Henry, 19, in connection with a Waxhaw shooting incident over the weekend.


Investigators said Garlins was struck when at least two people fired shots. He was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Union where he was pronounced dead. The Sheriff’s Office lists Garlins’ residence at Pine Oak Road, Waxhaw, but the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles has a Charlotte address on file.
Read the whole thing.

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