Sunday, October 23, 2011

Waxhaw Pub Crawl?

Apparently the first annual Waxhaw Pub Crawl occurred Saturday night, but who knew? The philosophical side of me wants to ask "Does a pub crawl really occur if I haven't heard about it?"

I suspect I'm not the only person who heard about this fundraising event after the fact. I'm sure others are more well-versed in Waxhaw happenings than I, but I'm struggling to understand how I never caught a sniff of this until the day after. It's practically a part time job for me to keep up with beer-related town news and somehow this failed to enter my radar.

From Lori's Facebook page, the money raised benefited the Adam Faulk Tanksley Foundation to chomp out childhood cancer. I blogged about their annual AdamFest festival back in September. I concluded my thoughts with a note about how I wish I had more notice so I could've blogged about it beforehand.

And here I am once again wishing I had more notice to share the details of this fun fundraising outing for an excellent cause before the event and not afterwards. I suspect more money would be raised towards fighting childhood cancer if the respective parties would get the word out a little better. Who do I complain to at the apparently secretive Waxhaw Social Club?

I've got so many questions: how many attended? Where was one to find out about this event? How did money get raised for the Adam Faulk Tanksley Foundation? Koozie and tee shirt sales only? Or was there a participation fee? Did the bars contribute as well? How much was earned in all? And how fun was it? So many questions.

UPDATE: fixed typo

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Waxhaw Social Club said...

Well, geez, it looks like you missed the 2nd Waxhaw Pub Crawl as well! We had posters on each of the pub windows and inside the establishments for nearly 2 months (as we did the first time). And the venues were handing out our flyers for months, too.

We posted frequently on the FaceBook pages of the participating bars (plus our own FB group: Waxhaw Social Club), additionally we have our own website at Finally, we had a great article come out in the Union County Weekly several days ago that many people saw and then came out to the crawl for some fun.

Last year we had around 50 people show up, and this year we had 85-90 and we raised money for Project2Heal, another terrific local Waxhaw charity. We raised $1,030 in proceeds that will go to Charlie Petrizzo's endeavor of donating highly trained Labrador retrievers to special needs kids.

Most importantly, we injected a great amount of money into the local Waxhaw economy and the pubs are telling us that they had one of their best night's ever or more than doubled their normal Saturday night take.

We began at 5PM at The Main Street Grill/Icehouse Saloon who roped off the entire parking lot and had a bluegrass band, BBQ pork plates and cold beers outside as well as in. Then we had the entire outdoor patio at Maxwell's, and then we headed to SouthSiders where they had an outdoor keg ready for us with their new UFO/Harpoon beer. Finally we ended with karaoke at the Stuffed Olive. The party went on until 2AM!

Given the size of the pubs we visit, 85-90 people is truly the max that they can hold comfortably (given that they have other patrons there at the same time having dinner, etc). So, we worked a bit to manage the size of the crowd to not be excessive.

Hey, there's always the 3rd Waxhaw Pub Crawl for you to get a shot at! Stay tuned!