Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Update on WAA volunteers

Rick Giarla sent out another email to WAA parents requesting volunteers for the BBQ cook-off this weekend at the Autumn Treasures festival, previously mentioned here.

I'd estimate 20 volunteers signed up today, but by my count, 47 more are still needed.

Twenty out of forty tasting servers are still needed for 12.30p-3.00p on Sunday.

Twenty-one out of forty servers/clean up persons are needed for the 3.00p-5.30p shift on Sunday as well.

So if you can spare a small shift, either in one of the aforementioned shifts or the other slots where someone is needed, please sign up.

UPDATE 10/5: It's just updates on top of updates here at the Broome Street Blues. As of 12.42p, only 39 volunteers needed with a couple more days left to fill the slots. Keep 'em coming!

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