Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reminder: Candidates forum tonight at WWC

I just wanted to give you a reminder that the candidates forum is tonight at the Waxhaw Woman's Club. It kicks off at 7p.

I think I will have to sit it out as I've been fighting a cold since camping last weekend and a packed room will have little desire to have a local blogger hacking and blowing his nose throughout. To prove I'm not exaggerating, last night my better half described my cough as "annoying." I'm already walking a thin line with some of you as per the comments of this recent post and my sniffling attendance would likely only make matters worse.

Jim Black plans to stream the whole thing on Land of the Waxhaws if he can get an internet connection, which would be neat. I've never watched a LotW broadcast live before, but if Jim's there tonight with gear in hand, I may have to try it this time around.

Anyone know the format of the forum? Debate? Audience questions? Short spiels from each candidate?

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