Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Letters supporting the new guys

Out with Martin Lane and Phillip Gregory, in with Mike Stewart and Sean Poccia. Or so says a couple letters recently published in the Enquirer-Journal.

Here's a selection for the letter supporting Mike Stewart, an unknown to me:
Mike is new to Waxhaw Politics, which is a blessing in disguise. Needless to say, it is refreshing to know he isn’t part of the good ole’ boy system or “politics as usual” that seems to be the norm in Waxhaw. Mike Stewart is quite intelligent with a strong dynamic personality and gentle soul that truly cares about the heart and soul of Waxhaw, the PEOPLE. Mike takes pride in being part of his community and is ready and willing to go the extra mile to work together with the people, board members and town staff to bring a better government to Waxhaw. Mike has fresh ideas to (1) encourage smaller businesses to come to Waxhaw, (2) STOP wasteful spending, (3) lower taxes, (4) have a smaller government, (5) encourage and initiate transparency, and most importantly (6) ensure appropriate actions are taken according to what the citizens of Waxhaw bring to the board for consideration.
Here's the one supporting newcomer Sean Poccia:
I met Sean Poccia at a meeting and greet and WOW but he is dynamic. Sean is running for town commissioner. New blood, this is what Waxhaw needs and he has it all. He is energetic, objective, analytical and the person to vote for.
Read the whole thing.

Is it safe to assume that neither has any artistic vision since neither Mike Stewart nor Sean Poccia have contributed a campaign sign to my artsy campaign sign garden? Probably not.

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