Sunday, August 28, 2011

Diller v. Thornton - Round 2?

Not necessarily Diller v. Thornton, but Diller v. Thornton supporter.

I mentioned Commissioner Brett Diller's letter to the editor earlier, but there was a follow-up from one of the accused sock puppets, Tramaine Williams, in Friday's Union County Weekly. Since I shared Brett's, I'll share Tramaine's.

Here it is:
Hello Mr. Diller;

I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up a few obvious misconceptions you have. Mr Diller, you emailed me on August 8, requesting that I meet you for coffee to discuss your whereabouts during NNO. I responded to you on August 10 and advised that while I appreciated your invitation, I have no interest in meeting you for a cup of coffee. I’m not entirely sure why you felt the need to repeat the invitation in a public forum, but I will not be provoked into a situation akin to “meeting you at the bicycle racks after school” so you can assuage whatever it is that brought on this little outburst of yours. I have a family to care for and a full time job, both of which require my time and attention more so than meeting you. I hope you can understand that they are my priority, not you.

When I responded to your email, I very clearly told you that I was not aware you were elsewhere volunteering your time that day, and commended you for doing so. I still do. As far as why I missed you at the event, Mr. Diller (and I really shouldn’t have to explain this), you are a town commissioner. As such, you are a public figure, and people recognize you. Even the ones you haven’t met or do not remember. So yes, I noticed that you weren’t there, as well as Mayor Gardner and Commissioner Kirkpatrick. As for you not knowing who I am, I’m not surprised. We don’t exactly run in the same circles, and you’ll have to pardon my assumption, but I’m positive you don’t remember every single person you have ever met in your lifetime. I know I certainly don’t. However, given that you don’t seem to recall that I responded to your email, it isn’t a stretch to think you don’t remember who I am.

While I do sincerely apologize for any offense you may have taken to my comment regarding your absence (and please remember, I already apologized to you for this in my email response to you), there seems to be more behind your words and actions. “Methinks he doth protest too much”? I’m also not entirely sure why you felt the need to note that I support Lisa Thornton for Mayor… possibly the two issues are related? Will you go on the offense against every single person who provides support for her in a public manner? Unless I’m mistaken, this is a free country and we are all entitled to Freedom of Speech — as such, I can voice my support for which ever mayoral candidate I choose.

I wish you all the best
Tramaine Williams
There's yet another Waxhaw-related letter supporting Lisa Thornton for mayor there as well, so go check it out if you're interested.

One last question I have: how did Brett Diller get the email address for Tramaine Williams to personally extend the invitation for coffee?

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