Sunday, August 21, 2011

Waxhaw Exchange no more

I hadn't received my weekly issue of the Waxhaw Exchange for a couple months and had just chalked it up to the hit-or-miss delivery of this free weekly put out by the Enquirer-Journal.

After stopping by the Farmer's Market on Saturday, I convinced my family to eat lunch at the Main Street Grill on our return. It was here I learned (from Don?) that they haven't released an issue of the Exchange in a couple months.

Apparently plans are in place to release something similar, but the MSG had no specific details. I'd email Alan Jenkins, editor of the Exchange for some details, but last we left off he describing me as a thief on Facebook for having the gall to link to and share Enquirer-Journal articles.

I just figured when I signed up for a free account at the EJ website that gave me access to read whatever articles I wanted that this is what they wanted to occur. This belief was further strengthened since I'd been linking to their articles on this blog with nary a complaint. Perhaps I should take some comfort in the fact that Alan has since removed his posts from Facebook.

All that being said, the Exchange was a nice weekly worth checking out for Waxhaw-related tidbits despite my frustration with it not being available online. Hopefully the next generation Exchange will be as or more informative (and available online) assuming it comes to fruition.

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