Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jackson Jam follow-up

I haven't seen much of a follow-up on the soggy Jackson Jam event that occurred on August 13th. I personally didn't attend, but there was significant rainfall that evening -- enough that the band could not perform.

Using the online sleuthing skills I've gleaned from months of thankless work on this blog, I was able to find out a tad. Here's a weekly round-up (courtesy of "Land of the Waxhaws") starring the mayor with more for the information junkies out there.

Video streaming by Ustream

This second video features Commissioner Brett Diller and the mayor again as they talk a little about the cornhole tournament that took place the morning of the Jackson Jam. According to Brett at the tail end of the video, 360 were set to attend the Jackson Jam. Based on the ticket price of $50 apiece and assuming all 360 paid that price, it would appear the Museum of the Waxhaws grossed $18000 from this fundraiser. Not too shabby.

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Now I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that since the concert was rained out, the band(s) (note: I'm a little confused as to who is performing at this point) are performing free for anyone who wants to attend, not just the 360 who purchased tickets to the original Jackson Jam. Flyer below:

Jackson Jam Make-up concert flyer

The bad news is they decided to schedule the make-up concert on the same night of the WAA's big fundraiser, which is unfortunate.

But don't worry as I've got a solution. Since the museum has already raised its money, the make-up concert is really nothing more than a social event at this point. The WAA could use some money as well, so if you're looking to spend an evening for a good cause, I suggest you head over to the fields at Kensington Elementary for some of Butch Kelly's BBQ and a good time -- a social event for a good cause that allows those attending to be seen all night long if they so choose.

And don't worry about missing the concert as "Land of the Waxhaws" (in the first embedded video above) will be "broadcasting it live," straight from the mouths of Jim Black and Daune Gardner. Which means it'll be available online after the fact so you won't have to miss a single tune.

One last question: what's the over/under on the number of Waxhaw mover and shakers that camp out at the WAA fundraiser? Have any of the mayoral candidates committed to the WAA camp-out? Current or existing town commissioners? Inquiring minds would like to know. The WAA might be able to draw more people in if it's known politicians and wannabe politicians will be available for hobnobbing.

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As of right now, I have not received tent site reservation requests from any of the local politicians or any candidates either! Send your reservation requests to Lisa Barfield at