Saturday, August 20, 2011

UPDATE: Anyone heard of Cafe Italia?

I mentioned that Cafe Italia is coming in and taking over Marino's old locale.

My wife's friend heard there were a couple Charlotte locations of Cafe Italia, but after a few web searches, I couldn't find anything on them.

Is anyone familiar with Cafe Italia?

UPDATE 8/20: The mayor was kind enough to provide a few details on the new restaurant. She tried to post a comment on this post (see my post about commenting issues here), but emailed them to me since she was thwarted by Google.

Here's the nitty-gritty:
Cafe Italia is a concept by Augusto Conte who owns Brio (Southpark), Luce (uptown), and Mezzenotte (Sharon & 16). He described it to me as a bistro with a wood-fire oven similar to Mezzenotte. They expect to be open sometime in September.
Sounds interesting; something along the lines of a Brixx?

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