Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wally the Dog passed away

Per Lori's Facebook post, Wally the Dog, who once ran for mayor of Waxhaw, has passed away. WBTV has the entire story, but here's a snippet:
WAXHAW (WBTV) - A runaway dog that had been shot twice, had escaped from a kill shelter in Dobson and later “ran” for the Mayor of Waxhaw has died.

Wally the Dog, who ran for mayor in 2003, had escaped from a shelter in 1999. He went on a walk on Tuesday evening with his owner Mike Holliday, WBT’s Keith Larson first reported Wednesday morning.

“He tripped a little and just layed down,” said Holliday, who brought Wally to Waxhaw when he was still a puppy -- about a year old. “My daughter who is 7 said ‘I think he’s dying’ and then he just did.”

Wally, who frequented Crossroads Coffee Shop in Waxhaw and met many people in the town and county, first came into Holliday’s life through a friend.
Read the whole thing.

This was before my time in Waxhaw, but I do recall hearing about Wally's mayoral run on the Keith Larson show. I'd forgotten all about it.

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