Friday, August 19, 2011

Diller v Thornton?

Earlier I linked to a letter to the editor post-mortem of Waxhaw's National Night Out that appeared in the Union County Weekly. The next week, town commissioner Brett Diller had his own letter published in the Union County Weekly publicly calling out two of the other letter writers in the afore-linked letters.

Here's Brett's letter not so subtly calling out Lucas Stemner and Tramaine Williams.
Dear Editor,

In response to “Tramaine Williams” letter in last week’s paper, I would like to extend an invitation to grab a cup of coffee with him so I can explain where I was on Waxhaw’s National Night Out. I’m flattered that “he” missed me considering I have never met “him” and not sure how “he” even knew I wasn’t there. “He” went on to say “I hope whatever kept them away was important..” For the record “Mr. Williams”, I was volunteering with my family that evening for something that was important to us.

So again I extend an invitation to you “Mr. Tramaine Williams” to meet and get to know you better and find out what direction you think Waxhaw should be heading. I would also like to extend that invitation to “Mr. Lucas Stemner” who also wrote a letter last week to the Weekly. The both of you seem to be involved, concerned, and active Waxhaw citizens with one common thread: Supporting Lisa Thornton for mayor. I can’t seem to find anyone who has ever met either of you in person and I feel as an elected official I should try and get to know as many of the citizens as I can.

So please, email me and let me know what time works for you to meet.

Thank you
Brett R. Diller
Waxhaw Commissioner
I'm not sure if either of these guys exist, but it's clear that Brett doesn't think so. I find it a little intriguing that he questioned the existance of both Tramaine and Lucas, even though only one of the two actually criticized him for missing National Night Out.

Given that, it seems unlikely that Brett Diller will be supporting Lisa Thornton in her bid for mayor. At least not any time soon.


bill said...

sock puppets in the race for mayor of Waxhaw? I guess passions are running high, because the stakes are so low. Hopefully, it will be an interesting election campaign.

klf said...


I'm of the opinion that any election with sock puppets has already become interesting.