Sunday, March 6, 2011

January and February Crime Reports

Well, this is by far my latest Crime Report yet since I entirely skipped the month of January. I felt a little busier recently but had no idea it'd gotten this bad.

I feel bad for the multitudes of Broome Street Blues groupies who've been waiting glued to their computer screens to see January's crime report. To you fine people, I apologize. Without further adieu:

January's Crime Report

Waxhaw Crime Report January 2011

And to kill two birds with one stone, here's February's report as well.

Waxhaw Crime Report February 2011


lauralaylin said...

Is there a code for these icons?

klf said...

Hello Laura,

Each of the letters stand for a type of crime. Some of them are:

P = Property Crime
T = Theft
Q = Quality of Life (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
A = Assault
B = Breaking & Entering
R = Robbery
TV = Theft from vehicle
O = Other

If you actually follow the link (on the right under my seemingly giant eyeball), you can get much more detail on the crimes.

Hope this helps.