Monday, March 7, 2011

Historic district information

I mentioned the upcoming public hearing for the proposed Historic District in this post.

However, to truly prepare yourself for the hearing, you need to download the agenda packet (11MB PDF file) prepared by the town and made available by Katie Ross. This document runs about 130 pages long; approximately half is comprised of residents wanting to opt out.

Also, Katie Ross mailed out a link to the approved Waxhaw design guidelines. Please note this is nearly a 17MB PDF file. This 63-page document looks like the final draft to be used if the town commissioners give a green light to a historic district.

I haven't had time to look through this entire document yet, but I examined an earlier draft of this back in July.

Given the number of those interested in opting out of the historic district, I expect a big gathering at the public hearing. While I don't normally attend government meetings in my capacity of muckraking Waxhaw blogger, I was interested in attending this one. Unfortunately, I've got a baseball practice at 10am and another two hours later making it highly unlikely I'll be there.

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