Saturday, March 5, 2011

Old Mecklenburg Brewery at Maxwell's

I had grand designs to attend both Pint Night at Maxwell's Tavern and to also stop by the Main Street Grill for a cheeseburger since I haven't had the opportunity to do so for quite some time. My wife had grand designs that we spend the evening with the neighbors.

So I only fulfilled one of two - stopping in at Maxwell's Tavern drawn by the promise of being able to try Früh Bock, their new spring seasonal brew. The lure of free samples may have played a significant role in my decision-making process, but I supposed that depends on who you talk to.

It was pretty hopping in there, but I didn't mind hovering close to the bar. Ryan Self of OMB fame quickly got me a sample of Früh Bock. It definitely seemed like a spring brew, but it was a little too fruity for my tastes. So I decided to get a pint of my old OMB standby, Copper Amber Ale, which I usually drink via growler.

It arrived with two glasses - one full and one empty. To my surprise, each pint of OMB purchased during the event got you an OMB-branded pint glass.

With free pint glasses limited to two, I quickly made the command decision to have two pints before attending my family obligations. Ryan himself made a good decision setting the two-glass limit as who knows how long I would've stayed collecting free glassware.

I wanted to give Früh Bock a chance, so my second pint was of it. I stand by my original assessment although I'm sure it'll have a healthy following. In fact, per a Maxwell's Tavern Facebook update, the Früh Bock ran out within two hours.

I always thought a micro-brewery would fit right in in Waxhaw at the old Rodman-Heath cotton mill, formerly referred by me as the old smokestack building. Maybe someday one will and Maxwell's (or Southsiders) will be holding another Pint Night with free pint glasses.

And for those wondering, I will get my cheeseburger from the Main Street Grill; I may just have to wait for the next First Friday to do so.

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