Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waxhaw Food & Drink weekend

The town has released more details about the Waxhaw Food & Drink Weekend for the weekend of May 13-15th coinciding with SpringFest Weekend.

The headline event appears to be a five course Farm to Table dinner at the Waxhaw Women's Club featuring a number of local guest chefs. It's $100/plate so it's a little beyond my price range, but it looks pretty neat. From the blurb:
The multi-course dinner will be prepared by several of the finest chefs in the area including: Joseph Bonaparte & Michael Edrington from The Art Institute of Charlotte, Mark Jacksina from Halcyon, Gene Briggs from Blue, Joe Kindred from Rooster’s, Paul Verica from the Club at Longview and Ben Miles from BLT Steak. They will be utilizing the freshest product available from local farms such as New Town Farms, Poplar Ridge Farm, The Specialty Farmer, Bosky Acres and more. Wine pairings will be offered by Anita Skogland; Art Institute Instructor and wine expert. Entertainment will be provided by the UC Youth Symphony Vivace String Ensemble. The dinner, raffle and auction will benefit Union County Loaves and Fishes.
Tickets can be ordered here (PDF).

A number of events will be going on throughout the weekend as well.

* The town is currently collecting applications for twenty restaurants to take part in a tasting event in which the selected restaurants will provide samples of 1-2 signature foods in a booth on Saturday May 14th from 11.30am-3.30pm. It appears that this event, something along the lines of a Taste of Charlotte, will cost $15/person. The restaurant application form (PDF) is where I got a lot of these details.

I'm curious where the twenty booths will be located. I suspect they'll be located on some side street and won't be integrated into the main portion of the Spring festival.

* It appears there is plenty more food and drink-related events planned for that weekend. While details appear to be lacking on these, here's what's been released thus far:
- Restaurant tastings and live demos-Saturday-$15pp
- Wine 101-Saturday and Sunday-$20pp
- Sparkling to sweet with food pairings-Saturday-$40pp
- Wine traveling thru Austria-Saturday-$30pp
- Beer tasting from olde hickory brewery-Saturday-$20pp
- Treehouse vineyards-local wine tasting-Saturday-$20pp
- Grapes you should know but probably don’t-Saturday-$25pp
- Rhone & provence walk about-Sunday-$25pp
I imagine details on all these other events will be forthcoming. But given the sheer number of them, it seems unlikely you can participate in all based on time constraints alone. But assuming you could get around this obstacle, you'd then likely need to become creative with your finances.

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