Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Fox's Pizza news

I got an email announcing Fox's Pizza of Waxhaw has joined the network. For those not familiar with, you can generally purchase gift certificates at reduced price.

In the case of Fox's Pizza, you can purchase a $10 gift certificate for $5 and a $25 gift certificate $10. But in reality, you can almost always find 80% off coupon codes for doing simple Google searches so a $25 gift certificate costs you a mere $2.

The limitations of these gift certificates: there's a minimum purchase of $35, so plan on spending at least an additional $10 besides the $2 you shell out for the gift certificate. But approximately $12 for $35 of food is a pretty good deal in my opinion. It might make your kid's pizza parties a lot cheaper, no?

I picked up a few already, since this is a money-saving no-brainer if you like Fox's Pizza.

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