Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kick 'n' Stitch no more

Per a Scott Farb (of Museum of the Waxhaws fame) update on Facebook, the Kick 'n Stitch Broom Shop is closing its doors. I imagine the website won't be around much longer as well.

It was a great place to stop by and see him in action on First Fridays. I imagine for those out-of-town visitors coming in on the weekend, it was a popular place to hang out a little while to see the antique broom-making machine in action.

I guess he wasn't doing enough business to cover the rent on the place. For those of us who hadn't purchased a broom (unfortunately I am one), it makes me wish I had. Although in this environment, it would've probably only been a stopgap solution. I suspect it's hard to convince people to purchase a $30 broom when they might not really need one during a time of serious penny-pinching.

I hope Mark keeps on making and selling his brooms. If he already isn't doing so, getting a booth and demonstrating his craft at Waxhaw's festivals seems like a no-brainer now.

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Karen said...

I am so sorry to hear this! Another empty storefront for a town that is struggling to get noticed. Why don't the landlords of these buildings work with the tenants in these trying times? Too sad!