Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shuttle for SpringFest

CMC-Union is sponsoring a shuttle for this year's SpringFest, which is an excellent idea. Parking is at such a premium that you would think this would attract more people. John Tiley of Waxhaw Gazette fame has no excuse for missing this one.

Here's the text of press release pulled straight from this PDF file:
Carolinas Medical Center has generously agreed to sponsor a shuttle service on May 14 &15, 2011 for SpringFest and our first Food and Drink Weekend in Waxhaw. The shuttle will run from 10am-6pm on Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday. The shuttle will make a 10-15 minute loop to downtown Waxhaw departing from 2 locations:

The CMC Waxhaw parking lot at the corner of Providence Road and Gray Byrum Rd.

Cuthbertson High School parking lot - 1400 Cuthbertson Road, Waxhaw, N.C.

So park your car and leave your worries behind, avoid the frustration of parking in downtown and come enjoy yourself in Waxhaw.

The drop off location in Waxhaw will be announced as we get closer to the event.

If successful, we’ll add additional locations next year. For more info please call 704-843-2195 ext 226.
Now I want to know what CMC-Union is gonna do for the rest of us who don't need said shuttle service. In the words of Sally Brown:
All I want is what I... I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.

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