Friday, April 8, 2011

Be forewarned: school lunches rising

Brian Carlton has an article in the latest issue of the Union County Weekly on the $0.15 increase in school lunches.
Next fall, it will cost 15 cents extra for a student to eat lunch at a public school in Union County. The price hike is due to a federal mandate, which requires the cost to climb.


The increase affects students at all schools. This means beginning July 1, elementary school lunches will increase to $1.95 while middle and high school lunches will cost $2.05.
On first reading, I thought this was just do to rising prices of oil, which is increasing the price of all food if you hadn't noticed. After a second look, I see this is due to a federal mandate requiring the cost of school lunches to increase.

It appears this is compliments of the child nutrition bill that was pushed through by President Obama and the Democrats.

And to think I thought the major disadvantage of this bill would be to eliminate the cheese stick dippers, which I hear are rather good. Good enough that I plan to try them myself before the year is out since I am not confident they will be back next year.

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