Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little tidbit on historic district

There hasn't been a whole lot of linkable material on the public hearing for the proposed historic district. However, the Union County Weekly ran a letter to the editor from Shell Holston, a historic property owner in last Friday's issue.

Read the whole thing for his description of the hearing, which lasted 5 hours. This jives with my description in my follow-up hearing post.

I confirmed with Katie Ross that 10 of the 12 of those who spoke in favor of the historic district live within the larger proposed historic district. I followed up with a question as to how many of these ten would be subject to the historic district rules (ie. they own a historic property). When I hear back, I will update accordingly.

UPDATE 4/07: Quick as a fiddle, Katie got back to me. Eight of the twelve people who spoke in favor will be subject to the rules imposed by the overlay.

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