Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mark D with Union County Weekly now

I noticed that Mark D (or Mark DiBiasio) of the Village Scribe Online fame is now writing for the Union County Weekly. Village Scribe Online maintains one of the coveted yet rarely updated spots on my blogroll of Waxhaw-related links off to the side.

I'm not sure how long he's been at it there, but here's a link to the first article of his that I came across -- a piece touching upon the numerous complaints about the proposed animal control ordinance in Waxhaw that I linked to in an earlier post.

Read the whole thing to get a feel for the bevy of complaints about the initial proposal.

Who put together the original proposal? I was just wondering who thought it necessary and/or desirable to have Waxhaw residents paying more per animal than Charlotte residents.
The draft ordinance stipulates a $20 annual license fee for spayed or neutered animals, $40 if not. By comparison, the City of Charlotte charges $10 license for spayed or neutered and $30 for fertile animals.
It seems like a lot of law-abiding pet owners will be penalized if the current proposed ordinance passes.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the mention. I have been writing for the UCW since January. My primary beat is the Village of Marvin, but I have covered the School Board and Waxhaw on a couple of occasions.

I enjoy your blog and I appreciate the honor you bestow upon the VSO.

--Mark D