Saturday, April 23, 2011

Danes in Waxhaw

If you had to pick a town commissioner to escort a handful of Danes around Waxhaw, who would you pick? And would it matter if they came as friend or foe? Either way, I'd pick Joyce Blythe.

And that's apparently what happened according to a town Facebook update. For those stubbornly refusing the siren song of Facebook, here's the details minus the pictures:
The Denmark delegation took a walking tour of downtown Waxhaw (led by Commissioner Joyce Blythe and Melvin Faris) and also visited the Alphabet Museum. The Danish delegation arrived in Raleigh in April 9 where they spent two days in Raleigh learning about the American education system prior to traveling to Waxhaw. Once they arrived at Cuthbertson on April 12, their visit included observing classrooms, meeting with student groups, and meeting with teachers. To learn more about our school system, the group met with UCPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis; they also visited Kensington Elementary and Cuthbertson Middle School. They also visited the Museum of the New South in uptown Charlotte-a museum that traces the history of the Charlotte area and also focuses on the educational history of the area.
So many questions left unanswered. Why did a Danish delegation come to learn about America's education system? Why did they visit Waxhaw? What day did this occur? How come I can't find any mention of this trip in the media anywhere? This seems like something worth covering. Did Commissioner Blythe and Melvin Faris give them a better historic walk than those available to regular Waxhaw joes?

And so forth.

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