Friday, April 1, 2011

Marathon madness

Our friend Tim has a blog detailing his journey as he runs twelve marathons in the Carolinas in twelve months. This blew my mind as I visualized the pounding my ankles and knees would take from running this much and it isn't pretty.

He's two marathons down at this point, leaving ten more to go, so you can follow the muscle-cramping shin-splitting journey in all its glory here. (At least that's how I envision it. Tim might dispute that description.)

And if you thought twelve marathons was a lot, here's a snippet of his encounter running into other marathon junkies:
So I started to talk to a gentleman named Joe. As I was telling him about my quest for 12 in 12 he HUMBLED me, in a nice way, by what his achievements in the last 365 days have been….33 marathons in 365 days!!! As he talked, and I didn’t another young man walked up that knew Joe and introduced himself as Daniel. I was then Humbled once again with his achievements in the last 365 days of 55 marathons!!! I also met a 55 year old on his 73rd lifetime race, and ran with a 67 year old on his 173rd life time marathon!!! Ya’ll think I’m crazy?!!
Marathons runners are truly one of a kind.

Tim recently started a personal training business called Get Fit Carolinas. He will apparently have a booth set up at this Saturday's WAA opening day festivities at the fields of Kensington Elementary, perhaps dishing out marathoning gossip, perhaps not. I will miss it unfortunately, but if I find gold in them thar hills this weekend, it'll all be worth it.

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