Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bonnie & Clyde at it in SC

Per this WLTX article, Justin Aldrich and Anna Hoard, the purported Bonnie & Clyde robbers, were arrested in Forest Acres, SC doing what they're trained to do. A snippet:
Forest Acres, SC (WLTX) -- Police arrested a man and a woman from Cornelius, North Carolina after they say the two broke in to a Forest Acres home on Monday.

Investigators with the Forest Acres Police Department say the suspects may be connected to other incidents outside the town.

Officers charged Anna Lee Hoard with second degree burglary, driving without a license, and possession of marijuana and Justin Ryan Aldrich with second degree burglary.

Officials say Aldrich will soon face charges in Horry County.
And it appears their wheels are still running just fine, as the red Jeep Cherokee makes a cameo in the story as well.
On Monday, a Forest Acres resident returned home for lunch, when he found a Red Jeep Cherokee backed into his driveway, with Hoard sitting in the driver's seat, police say.

The man spoke with Hoard, who told him that her friend was checking to see if the home belonged to another friend, according to officers. That's when Alrich walked from around the home, got into the Jeep, and the jeep drove away, investigators say.
And like clockwork, the Forest Acres authorities also have already released the two on bond like the Concord police before them. Although bond was set at $75000 this time, so I do believe it is getting higher with each capture.

So keep your eyes peeled for a red Jeep Cherokee; your possessions just might depend on it.

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