Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out on the town

Business was booming at Maxwell's Tavern this evening. A crowd of people were still waiting outside for seats as late as 7:00pm to be seated.

My family was one of the customers seated beforehand. Normally we have a pretty good experience at Maxwell's, but our service was moving a little slower than normal. It took quite a while to even get a coffee refill, enough so that even our server commented on it.

And my ribeye steak was lackluster this go-around; it wasn't as pink as I expected after ordering it medium and I think the cook forgot to put the seasoning on it because it tasted rather plain. I almost wanted to ask for a little Montreal steak seasoning because it was quite bland. The steak I'd gotten there a week earlier was much tastier. Further illustration: I'm not a huge fan of their fries, but this evening, I focused more on them than on my ribeye. The server

We headed over to the Dairy Barn afterward to get some soft serve ice cream despite the fact the kids didn't eat as well as they should've. I played my youngest in some spirited games of Connect 4 and checkers that were surprisingly competitive before ultimately heading home after a nice night on the town.

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timbrews said...

I don't know why all the fuss about Maxwell's. Our family has always found their food mediocre at best, service consistently slow, and way overpriced.

I don't know why more folks don't frequent the Stuffed Olive. My wife & I ate there again last night. Nachos are killer and more than a meal in itself, but we decided to make pigs of ourselves and share a cheesesteak as well. Their homemade fries are great, but they also offer sweet potato fries as an option.

I know it may not be viewed by some as a "nice" place (yes, there is some apparent snobbery by WXW folks that if it isn't either in old downtown or up by Cureton then it's "trashy") but the food really is good and a good value.