Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Wing It still slinging chicken?

Anyone know?

My wife called Saturday around 5.30pm to order some wings from them (for the first time) and no one answered the phone.

So we ended up getting pizza and wings from Papa Johns.

I found it odd that they didn't answer their phone during prime dining hours.


lauralaylin said...

I was under the impression they were closing, so maybe they already did.

klf said...

Hey Laura,

Thanks for the comment; they're so few and far between I still get a kick out of them.

I drove by on my way home from work this evening and it looked rather dark in there.

Restaurants in that shopping plaza are having difficulties to say the least.

Herewegrowagain said...

I heard they closed as well :-( small businesses are just having a hard time all the way around in Waxhaw. We just announced the closing of our store as well-Here We Grow Again in Waxhaw (children's consignment store). Our doors officially close on April 30th after 3 years being in business.

klf said...

Sorry to hear that Daphne. Small businesses in Waxhaw seem to have been having a rough go at it since my family moved in in 2005. There's been a lot of turnover in 5+ years.