Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garage sale

We've had family visiting, so my wife decided to do a garage sale in an effort to de-clutter the house and hopefully make a few bucks. For my thoughts on the family garage sale, read on. If you don't care, you'd best skip this post.

* Last Saturday's weather interfered with with the sale. While the weather wasn't as bad as hyped in our area, there was still a noticeable lack of customers perusing our desirable wares. I must say based on the news reports, it's clear Waxhaw got off pretty easy compared to other parts of North Carolina.

* If you're thinking of having a Sunday garage sale, don't waste your time. I'm just saying...

* In one last garage sale note, my wife has decided to take one for the team and have another this upcoming Saturday. All the stuff is already laid out in the garage, so might as well give it one last hurrah. So if you have any desire to come help clean out our garage of all this stuff...

* I don't really do garage sales, but I will help prepare for them as needed. So while my wife was manning the garage sale, I drove into Monroe to drop off alkaline batteries and old computer equipment at the Monroe Earth Day Festival. With multiple rapscallions afoot, I've seen firsthand the sheer number of acid-filled batteries that are required to power the toys of the 21st century.

So I started collecting them. Every year or so, I'll take my collection (along with some failed laptop batteries collected at the office and other miscellanea) to the Monroe Earth Day Festival, where they graciously collect materials such as this so they can be properly disposed of.

Anyone know of a place closer to Waxhaw that recycles this kind of stuff for free? Just wondering.


bill said...

I thought that BBY took them, but they only take rechargeable ones, according to

timbrews said...

Foxhole Landfill on 521 takes all of Union County's Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), which includes all batteries (alkaline, lead acid, lithium, etc.) old paints, pesticides/herbicides, etc.

There is no charge to Union County residents. For more info: