Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hayes Carll @ Daytrotter

Hayes Carll showed up at Daytrotter, so there's a freely downloadable performance for Hayes Carll there for those interested.

Since this a Hayes Carll post, I'd like to revise my opinion of his latest album KMAG YOYO. I originally wrote the following:
As for the music itself, after a couple listens thus far, my early grade is that it's nearly as good as his last album, Trouble in Mind.
Well, after spending a couple weeks listening to it and his other three albums on my lengthy commute, I've decided it's not nearly as good as his last two albums -- Trouble in Mind and Little Rock. Given the length of time between Trouble in Mind and KMAG YOYO, I was expecting (and obviously hoping based on my initial review) for something a lot better.

It's not a bad album by any means, but it won't make it into my rotation more than Trouble in Mind or Little Rock, which likely means it won't make it into my rotation very often. And unlike his previous two albums where there are multiple mix CD worthy songs, there's really not much on his latest album that I'd include on a mix CD.

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