Saturday, April 23, 2011

Signolia's still around?

Awhile back, I purchased a bottle of Signolia's Own Balsalmic Vinaigrette, made locally in Waxhaw if I'm not mistaken.

The mayor and others had been raving about it on Facebook, so I dipped my toe in and purchased a bottle for the equivalent of four bottles of Trader Joe's two three-buck Chuck. A little expensive as far as dressing is concerned, but figured we'd give it a whirl. It sat in the pantry for a while, but we eventually broke it out and it was a hit, especially with my wife.

Well, that bottle of balsamic vinaigrette eventually ran dry and I'm in the market for another. An email to Eve at Signolia's has gone answered, so I was wondering if anyone knows if Signolia's is still in business.

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Ray said...

They were part of the Ballantyne "Cedar Walk" Tuesday afternoon Farmer's Market back in 2009. Haven't seen them since. They have great stuff.