Friday, May 27, 2011

Dinner hours @ Main Street Grill

I was lucky enough to be in town for lunch the other day, so I took the opportunity to coerce my youngest to eat at the Main Street Grill so I could grab a burger.

The lure of McDonalds is a strong one. But my powers of persuasion (enhanced greatly by the ability to make the MSG or home argument) were successful and we ate an early lunch at the MSG before heading into the office.

On another note, they will be open once again next Friday evening (for June's First Friday event), so if you're looking to sample from a limited dinner menu (including burgers) then you best find your way to First Friday.

I briefly spoke with Josh at SpringFest asking about the potential for dinner hours. And while on Facebook they suggested they'd begin dinner hours on the weekends sometime thisspring, it didn't sound like they were anywhere close to happening with summer around the corner.

It sounds like they would need to hire a new cook before it happens. I got the impression there was nothing brewing on this front. My fingers are crossed of course.

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