Thursday, May 19, 2011


I expected to have this post up days ago. But since it's the busy season at my office (which mean my office travels home with me at night), it took nearly a week to get this simple post up.

SpringFest was bigger than ever this year or at least it seemed that way because of the Food & Drink events that took place. The Kids Zone, where we typically spend the majority of our time when not eating ice cream, seems to be growing at hte same rate, taking up much of the space available at Waxhaw UMC's yard.

We walked to the festival on Saturday; while the rain held off most of the day, we got rained out mid-afternoon. But at least it gave us a reason to use the two umbrellas I'd been lugging around all afternoon.

The kids headed back on Sunday with the neighbors, but I unfortunately had to mow the yard. By the time I was ready to head to the festival, they were on their way home.

Here's a short video of the events for those interested.

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Donna Frasca said...

It was a great family day and one of my friends bought a dog! Great Springfest.