Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sephora Nails

The missus and a friend hit Sephora Nail Salon Saturday night for a little pre-Mother's Day pampering. Per my wife, it appears both were very pleased with the results; my wife apparently has now got Katy Perry-branded sparkly toes, for those wondering.

Wine was also served during the pampering, which seems like a nice touch.

They then made their way over Maxwell's Tavern for a late evening dinner. Sounds like it was as crowded as always there.

For those curious, I pulled some chicken patties and tater tots out of the freezer and heated them up for dinner that night.


randdmom said...

Loved Sephora too! We have tried to eat at Maxwell's several times, but we can't wait an hour with 2 kids for a table! If they don't start taking reservations, looks like we will never be able to try it!

Donna Frasca said...

Thanks for the tip on this nail salon. In check it out.

In you want dinner at Maxwells you have to be there by 5pm. They do have an outside patio that would be fun for the kids.