Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Friday has come & gone

After participating in another exciting teeball practice, the kids and I headed to downtown Waxhaw for First Friday with the neighbors.

We passed by the Main Street Grill and nearby businesses. There looked to be a bunch of stuff set up there in hte parking lot, but we didn't stop for whatever reasons. It could've been the siren song of the Fiesta Band or perhaps some other indescribable pull. Or it could be that on quick glance, it was a little hard to tell what was going on there.

I made a mental note to stop by the Main Street Grill for a long-awaited cheeseburger since I had a light dinner and they were actually open during evening hours, a rare celestial alignment by my calculations.

After the kids got a glass of lemonade compliments of Waxhaw UMC, we spent a bunch of time hanging out near the Fiesta Band. A Fiester brought a laser-projecting thingamabob that continuously shot ever-changing laser designs against the wall, giving the kids something to burn off some energy.

Bypassing the book store (can seven kids be safely crammed into the children's section? Has anyone attempted this?), we crossed the bridge and made our way to Pizza Works for some ice cream and eventually headed back home.

On the way home after we passed the then closed Main Street Grill, I realized I missed my opportunity to get a burger, about the only damper on the evening I can recall.

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