Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waxhaw in the dark

Power went out approximately around 1.30am this morning as the big storm hit. Certain areas of Waxhaw are still without power 9+ hours later. My wife suspects it's the same section of the grid hit by this power outage.

No updates on the mayor's Facebook page, the town's Twitter feed, or the town web page.

If anyone hears any relevant updates about an ETA for the return of power, drop a comment here if you can. Inquiring minds want to know.

UPDATE: Not anymore. About a half hour after this post, glorious power has been returned. Sometimes this lowly blog can get results, other times not so much.

UPDATE x2: It turns out Waxhaw Elementary was without power until 11am as well, or so my oldest informed me when I got home from work today. From what I can gather, the only significant change is this meant their lunches were delivered to their classrooms. So you can understand the hubbub this surely caused.

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