Sunday, May 15, 2011

How was the Farm-to-Table dinner?

The Farm-to-Table dinner, the $100/plate charity event for Habitat for Humanity, took place Friday evening at the Waxhaw Women's Club.

How'd it go? While the lucky few were dining on freshly made delicacies made with locally grown food prepared by chefs from establishments I've never even heard of, I was scarfing down my chicken/bacon/ranch Subway footlong sub.

I imagine a tasty good time was had by all, so hopefully they filled every seat. Last I saw, there were 15 available slots a day or two before the event. For Habitat for Humanity's sake, hopefully they were scarfed up by last-minute buyers.

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Bogey's Pad said...

It was great!
The food & wine was wonderful, people had great fun with the slient auction and everyone looked as if they were having a wonderful time . It was well worth the price of the ticket.